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B & BT on Radio X

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Miriam and Scott had the opportunity to meet with Joel and Anna at Radio X’s the English Show in Basel recently and here is an account.

Betwixt and Between Theater Company are very excited about the second run of our show "Hansel & Gretel: Lost & Found”. We had been searching for different ways to get the word out in this unprecedentedly challenging world. Isabell, our very organised person responsible for our publicity made contact with the folks of Radio X and asked if they might be interested in a short interview with one or both Miriam and Scott

Joel at The English Show, responded enthusiastically and we were booked for an appearance on their show on September 28th.

Isabell kindly sent through a professional information package via email with information about the show and I put down all the specifics about what we could potentially discuss in the format of a 5-7 minute interview.

The two of us met early on the night of the live broadcast interview and went over some of the material I had written and printed out. We also decided who would take which part of the interview questions that Radio X had sent through.

As we walked to the studio at Dreispitz the nervous butterflies started in both of our stomachs. We found the studio easily and waited in the foyer as we were about 20 minutes early. I had been to the studio two years prior but the set up was somehow different with heavy curtains dividing the once open area. There were musical insturments and an amplifying system set up with an Oriental rug on the floor so it looked like there would be live music taping happening soon. Joel found us soon after we arrived and ushered us outside and around the building to the back area which served as an office and pretaping interview area.

Once inside, we sat down and reviewed interview questions with Joel and we gave him a copy of the information about our show and the company. He complimented us on our PR communication and material and we gave our own praise of Isabell. Then it was time for our interview. We were quickly brought into the studio as a musical track from Christine and the Queens played. Inside the black and red decorated studio, Joel’s cohost Anna greeted us and recommended where we should stand in relation to Joel. Within 1 minute the interview started and we were off and into a very relaxed sounding conversation about the show and our theater company’s philosophy. It all seemed to go by smoothly and quickly. Truth be told, we were both probably more nervous than we typically are acting in front of an audience, but Miriam and I were able to speak coherently and impart the essential information about our show.

Miriam and I could no doubt have spoken to Joel for another 30 minutes about the production of Hansel and Gretel and why we founded Betwixt and Between Theater with our enthusiasm and notes.

We left on a high of a job well done and were looking forward to hearing how the interview sounded. Perhaps a future in Radio Theater may be in the cards for Betwixt and Between?

Please listen to the interview here in case you missed it.

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